Power Management

For the OpenMobileNetwork, we have developed several demonstrators visualizing its applicability in different power management use cases.

OpenMobileNetwork for ComGreen Demo

The OpenMobileNetwork for ComGreen Demo visualizes the applicability of the OpenMobileNetwork for establishing a power management in mobile networks. For this purpose, we enhanced the OpenMobileNetwork Map by several power management scenarios.

OpenMobileNetwork for ComGreen Demo

Identification of Candidate Cells

With the buttons ComGreen and CeBIT, the visualization demonstrates the capability of choosing alternative mobile network cells for users to be handed over in order to shutdown candidate cells for power management. Here, the relations between the serving cells and neighboring cells are utilized.

The first scenario queries the OpenMobileNetwork database for all cells covering T-Labs at Winterfeldtstrasse in Berlin with live traffic data below a certain threshold. The queried cells need to have at least one neighboring mobile network cell with a connection availability of more than 60%.

The candidate cells to be deactivated are displayed by yellow markers and the potential neighbor for a handover process is visualized by a yellow line to the neighboring base station.

Service Usage Statistics

To demonstrate the applicability of service usage information for a power management in mobile networks, we have visualized the services as well as the service classes on the OpenMobileNetwork Map. The Service Usage button fires an exemplary SPARQL query retrieving all mobile network cells covering T-Labs at Ernst-Reuter-Platz in Berlin and having service information on Media Streaming.

Cells with a value greater than or equal to 40% Media Streaming usage are filtered and demonstrated on the map by yellow markers.

OpenMobileNetwork Predictions Visualizer

In order to implement energy-efficient reconfiguration mechanisms in mobile networks as proposed by the project Communicate Green, it is essential to anticipate traffic hotspots, so that a network's configuration can be adjusted in time accordingly. Hence, predicting the traffic generated within the mobile network as well as the movement of mobile users on a cellular level is a crucial task.

OpenMobileNetwork Predictions Visualizer

Using the dataset of the OpenMobileNetwork, we have designed and implemented several prediction algorithms estimating the traffic generated in the mobile network as well as the future movement of users on a cellular level using precomputed movement patterns. The various prediction approaches are visualized in the OpenMobileNetwork Predictions Visualizer.