Measurement Clients

Mobile network operators usually keep the data about their mobile network topology very secret. However, having this data, many sophisticated applications could be realized. Today's smartphones provide the means to measure cell data with which the mobile network topology of different operators can be approximately derived. The OpenMobileNetwork uses those smartphone clients and collects cell data via a crowdsourcing approach in order to establish an extensive database of base station and WiFi access point locations, their coverage areas, neighboring cell relations and live data, such as traffic, service usage, and number of users.

OpenMobileNetwork for Android (OMNApp)

OpenMobileNetwork for Android (OMNApp) is a background service that collects static mobile network data (e.g., Cell-ID, LAC, or GPS coordinates) and also acquires dynamic measurement data (e.g., total data traffic produced on smartphones or service usage information) in order to enable the modeling and visualization of the current and historic state of the network.

OpenMobileNetwork for Android (OMNApp)   OpenMobileNetwork for Android (OMNApp)

Jewel Chaser

Jewel Chaser is a location-based game that utilizes gamification methods providing an incentive to users for contributing with their data. In the game, a player collects virtual jewels on a map by going to real world locations that match with positions where measurements are needed. While he plays the game, mobile network and wireless access point data is collected for the OpenMobileNetwork in order to enrich the existing database.

Jewel Chaser   Jewel Chaser

Context Data Cloud for Android (CDCApp)

The Context Data Cloud for Android (CDCApp) is a location-based community app offering a set of semantic services to users such as a Friend Tracker or a Popular Places Finder. Users can check-in to certain points of interest in their vicinity providing information about their favorite or frequently visited locations to other users within their social community. These services are based on the Context Data Cloud platform and exploit the rich set of data available within the LOD Cloud.

Context Data Cloud for Android (CDCApp)   Context Data Cloud for Android (CDCApp)

This app collects personal location preference data (e.g., favorite or frequently visited locations) in combination with the current contextual situation (e.g., the weather when checking in to a point of interest) for Linked Crowdsourced Data. In addition, it constantly runs a background service every three minutes that collects network measurements (including the current list of scanned WiFi APs, the mobile network cell the user is connected to as well as the measured neighboring cells) and sends this information to the OpenMobileNetwork.

Privacy Policy

Please read the privacy policy carefully before using the game since we need your agreement for providing us your measurements. Thank you for supporting this open-source research initiative!