Mobile Network Maps

Several map visualizations illustrate the data of the OpenMobileNetwork.

Coverage Map

The Coverage Map displays worldwide network topologies. Here, the colored markers represent either a base station or a WiFi access point. For Germany, we have created an operator-specific visualization and seperated each operator by a different color. Magenta stands for Telekom, whereas red represents Vodafone. E-Plus is visualized by green markers and O2 by blue markers. Outside of Germany, all base stations are represented by white markers. Black markers, on the other hand, stand for WiFi APs, which will be shown when checking the WiFi AP checkbox. Several other display options are provided allowing to filter the visualization by cell technology (e.g., 2G, 3G, or 4G) or by mobile network operators (only for Germany).

Clicking on one of the markers (e.g., base station or WiFi AP) illustrates the coverage area of the cell and opens the Cell Information tab including RDF data related to the cell. Neighboring cell relations are listed in the Neighbors tab, whereas the Historic Traffic and Daily Traffic tabs show various traffic profiles created by the sum of all traffic measurements. The Current Data tab provides live traffic and user information collected at run-time by the smartphone clients. Service usage information is given in the Service Usage as well as Service Classes tabs and statistics about the mobile devices used within a mobile network cell are listed in the Devices tab.

Best Server Estimates

The Best Server Estimates Map utilizes all single network measurements of the OpenMobileNetwork in order to identify the cells with the best signal strengths for certain geographic areas. These areas are predefined as grids of 3x3 angular seconds per grid where each grid represents one mobile network cell with the highest signal strength. The color of a grid changes according to the number of collected measurements within this grid. A click on one of the grids shows all other related grids with the same identified cell.